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My wife, Lee, is an avid birdwatcher (Lee's Birdwatching Adventures Plus). I like photography. A marriage of the two was clearly evident. Since all things have a beginning, my photography did as well. I am still learning and hope to improve as time progresses...if enough years are left. But, as they say, learning is a lifelong process. Most of what you will find in my galleries are some of God's winged creation. Comments and critique are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

And no, my profile picture is not me today; it was taken in 1961 in Boston, MA, while I was in the Navy aboard the USS Purdy (DD-734), my first ship.
Dan Dusing, GMCM, USN (Ret.)

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"Florida Birds"

87 photos
Created 11-Feb-13
Modified 11-Feb-13
"Florida Birds"

More Florida Birds

34 photos
Created 19-Jul-10
Modified 19-Jul-10
More Florida Birds

Herons & Egrets

43 photos
Created 8-Apr-09
Modified 8-Apr-09
Herons & Egrets

Gatorland - Orlando, Florida

49 photos
Created 29-Mar-16
Modified 29-Mar-16
Gatorland - Orlando, Florida

Gatorland - 2021

32 photos
Created 10-Apr-21
Modified 10-Apr-21
Gatorland - 2021